Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Life on the Go-Go (CTIA)

After a tumulteous day with after many chats, meetings, bumping into people, and driving around - I finally sat down with a cup of Starbuck's coffee and reflected upon the last 2 days. In earnest, it became a reflection of the life we live in the wireless 'Fast Lane.'

Yesterday, CTIA's very own Mark Desautels (56) passed away in Las Vegas of an apparent heart attack. I'm sure we all feel for the family and our thoughts and prayers go out to them during this difficult and challenging time. http://www.ctia.org/media/press/body.cfm/prid/1810

So why a reflection on "life"? We all scurry around from conferences to business meetings, around the USA and some time outside to meetings in Spain, UK or wherever else our businss takes us. If we are lucky, we get to spend some time with family and friends in-between. As I reflect on the sad news, I can't help but think that I am missing my wife and my children back home. I did bring my videocam and will use it to "video home" tonight to tell them how much I miss them while hearing about their day at home and at school.

Living a life on the go, we will make use of devices and applications which will connect us with family, friends and business. And, ins ome cases "hack around" until we find a working solution. Today, I use my laptop for video and Skype calls and look forward to making 3G Skype calls soon (not restricted to Wi-Fi hot spots). It will happen because people will demand it (why make a Skype call using iSkoot if the call counts against minutes when I'm using a VoIP session?).  I have also tested TV over 3G handsets (Blackberry and iPhone) using Slingbox and other apps to connect to Comcast and DirecTV services. And it works!  I saw my Duke team go down in flames to Villanova - tearing apart my dream to see Mike Krzyzewski win his 4th NCAA championship.  And, I did so while at a family event (hiding behind the big tree in the park). Tomorrow's applications will just make my experience more interactive.

Life is about communication. We want to see when things happen and share our experiences in real time and talk to friends and family all at the same time. Texting becomes IM and IM become video IM and soon we will all be videocasting over mobile networks. Within the next 2-3 years, video-based communication will count for the majority of mobile and IP traffic (http://tinyurl.com/b9berc ). We'll be watching Duke beat Villanova in 2011 while "casting" our experience live to friends (yes, DRM lawyers will have to figure that dillema...these firms will do well for years to come).

So, with CTIA in mind. This week will be about how the industry is already building the infrastructure for years to come (HSDPA going to HSPA and then LTE). Sprinkle in some news about Femto and some new cool devices and 'open ecosystem' for applications and after-market chargers --- and what we have is" Barcelona in Las Vegas." I do not expect any big-big news this week.  In the midst if a down-economy, we look to some bright lights where some existing OEMs announce operator wins with HSPA and LTE and some new startups secure small Femto trials for Femto. Motorola and Nokia will toss in some new devices to show how "life goes on" and at the end of the day, we will look back at CTIA with renewed hope that the mobile industry will weather the economic storm and prosper next year.

Life goes on.


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